2nd August 2022:  Spent the last few days adding 19 new avatar and signature sets and 7 new button sets to the freebie graphics page (in the downloads section) :D
12th February 2022:  Corrected the Adoption Center Inside and African Lodge playscenes; their download had the incorrect paths, they should be downloadable now!
30th January 2022:  Over the last two days I've been channeling stress into creating 180 new external textures for the hex tools section :P There's a bunch of fully transparent ones, animal and geometric patterns, rainbow fur and Valentines ones :3
5th November 2021:  Scrapped the old external textures page; they were ill-made. New external textures up which use the Petz palette (no weird colours! :D). Will be adding more in the coming days.
23rd August 2021:  Created a premade graphics page to the downloads section! Freebie avatars, signatures, web buttons and shop signs for anyone to use :3
7th August 2021:  More little updates and NEW STAMPS yesssssssss *fist pump*
1st August 2021:  Lots of little updates again over the past fortnight. Also been working on Bask, my archive should be up to date now :3
18th July 2021:  A bunch of updates over the past week. Added some new cliques and I have a heap of other stuff in the pipeline :)
10th July 2021:  All the new downloadable adoptions and external textures have been fixed, as with any other downloads on the site! :D
9th July 2021:  Got some new downloadable adoptions up today, but as I did, I realised mediafire downloads won't open within an iframe, so tomorrow I will have to check all the downloads on the site are working. I will also need to fix the external textures as mediafire seems to be distorting them.
8th July 2021:  I've spent the last two days editing the site and checking it with a fine-tooth comb haha, so it should now work perfectly! There shouldn't be any broken links (with the exception of the stories page, I haven't edited that yet. If you find any 404 errors, I'd love a note in the chatbox so I can fix it ^_^
6th July 2021:  Fixed all the old downloadable adoptions I had on the site, and I've been preparing some new ones I'm hoping to get up within the next few days :3
5th July 2021:  Checked more pages, updated my sister icons, cleaned up the links page and the sitemap, amongst other things.
4th July 2021:  Every section of the Downloads page has been checked for broken links and images etc, so it should be pretty much perfect. I've done most of the Hex Tools section too, though I still have to upload the external textures page.
29th June 2021:  Added 5 new playscenes for P4, including a (hopefully) P4 style Adoption Center interior :)
23rd June 2021:  Took a break from working on Bask to fix and relocate the colour palettes for hexing.
18th June 2021:   NEW LAYOUT! Please note that the site's a mess atm; there will be so many broken images and 404s as I move everything to neocities. I'm fixing it slowly!
16th June 2021:  Slow going, but I'm gradually picking through pages and replacing broken images, and trying to make things a little more orderly... my coding etc is a mess lol. I also have the images for 4 new playscenes made, they'll go up as soon as I make the playscenes in game :3
8th June 2021:  Since about February, I've been slowly chipping away at downloading and reuploading my webby here at Neocities, and today I got the html bones of the site up! There will be 404s and broken images everywhere for the coming week while I slowly sort through the site, but I'd like to take my time to be thorough and at the same time make the place a little classier.
4th November 2020:  Added 2 new playscenes. There's now forest, wedding, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter playscenes, among others!
3rd November 2020:  Added 4 new playscenes, started rendering some new ones also :3
2nd November 2020:  Added 6 new playscenes to the downloads section! I've noticed quite a few broken images around the site so I'm in the process of fixing them.
28th October 2020:  Noticed I'd been locked out of my site a month or so ago, but I'm now back in! :) Still checking my on webby, and I've been working on around 10 more playscenes. Hoping to get them up before Christmas!
28th January 2020:  Checked the links section, added new sites.
11th January 2020:  There's now a Petz Colour Chart on the hexing tools page! Also updated the site map again.
5th January 2020:  Added six new hex prompt generators to the hex tools section. Also updated the sitemap.
1st January 2020:  Newwwwww layout! :D Moved the sitemap to the 'other' section, and to go home, click the word 'Moonflower'.
30th December 2019:  Updated the hex colour/texture idea generator to include all textures on the updated mammoth texture chart.
12th December 2019:  Two new toys up in the resources :)
11th December 2019:  Added some new links and 5 new playscenes!
4th November 2019:  Added 147 new external textures... *faints* haha I think next time I'll do them in smaller batches, my gosh
30th October 2019:  The external texture page now has 55 new textures for your hexing pleasure.
28th October 2019:  Added 3 new halloween playscenes, AND A TOY SECTION! :D Also moved all the hexing stuff under their own heading in the resources section.
8th October 2019:  Converted the 17 new playscenes to Petz 5! Up and ready for download :3
4th October 2019:  There are 17 new playscenes up for Petz 4, all shiny and pretty and interactive :D
2nd October 2019:  Eight new stamps are up! Find them on the 'Other' page.
1st October 2019:  Button templates are now available in the resources section! Get designing your own site button :D
23rd July 2019:  Added a transparent texture comparison chart in the resources section; for helping with contrast when hexing in one colour.
21st July 2019:  Updated the mammoth texture chart; added one new texture and 25 new arguments for old textures, and fixed the incorrectly displayed wizard textures.
7th July 2019:  Updated the link section, fixed the urls of old sites that have moved.
3rd July 2019:  Added a quick explanation of how to use the mammoth texture chart, for beginner hexers :)https://images.freewebs.com/Images/save.gif
30th June 2019:  Added some new cliques, and moved updates prior to 2017 to the 'older updates' section.
28th June 2019:  Added stamps to the 'Other' page :D Added some new links, and general upkeep.
27th June 2019:  Added a few downloadable petzsplash files in the resource section, updated the Sitemap.
17th June 2019:  Pruned and updated the links list; I plan on snooping around for more new Petz sites to add in the coming weeks :)
15th June 2019:  Realised my mammoth texture chart had some mislabeled colours. Fixed it up, please check it out and replace your old copies!
13th June 2019:  Still around, still keeping this little webby from falling into disrepair ;)

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