Here I have an assortment of Petzsplash files (they generate the randomised message over the yellow bar as Petz loads). Here are some alternatives you can use (I replaced my original petsplash files an age ago due to them corrupting, which I belive is fairly common).

Feel free to use them for yourself, add stuff, delete stuff, combine them all, whatever. Just don't claim them as your own ;)

Download whichever you prefer, and rename the file 'petzsplash' (without the apostrophes). Replace your petzsplash.txt file in your resource folder (don't forget to make a backup, if your original file still works).

Standard Petzsplash:
Pretty much the standard messages, no nonsense.

Extended Petzsplash:
A mixed bag. Has all the usual messages, with additional bizarre, silly and funny ones, and extra quotes.

Corny Petzsplash:
A collection of cringe-worthy animal jokes and awful puns. Provides a good eyeroll and snicker, good clean fun. I'm sorry in advance.