-Mammoth Petz Texture Chart-
I made a texture chart with ALL the textures. Updated and fixed version, with more textures and arguments.

-Petz Colour Chart-
How all 256 Petz colours actually look like in game (on my monitors at least).

-Hex Prompt Generator-
Generate random textures, colours, breeds, animals inspirations etc for your next hex.

-Daily Hexspiration-
Inspiration for hexing, in the form of handy daily word prompt pictures.

-Colour Palettes-
Colour combos that might help with making hexies or textures etc.

-External Textures-
Externals for hexing, if you feel like spicing up a hex.

-Transparent Texture Comparison-
Comparison of the fully transparent textures in game - helps when hexing with one coat colour.

-Hexie Templates-
Petz outlines to colour and scribble on, to assist in designing hexies.