Here's where I dump any freebie graphics I make. So far, I have av and sig sets, shop signs and web buttons. Feel free to use them on any Petz related site, i.e. forums, PUGS etc :3

Please read:
- You may not claim you made them/please let people know where/who you got them from if asked
- Feel free to make simple modifications, for example, to add your own Petz pics
- You may request additional buttons for these sets (i.e. if you want me to add a 'my stories' button to the existing sets), through the chatbox on the home page
- I may make more sets/graphics in the future, stay tuned ;)
- If you'd like to request all new graphics/something specific, please check out my shop on Main Street at Whiskerwick.
- Enjoy!

Avatar and Signature sets:

Shop Signs: