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Eat sleep Petz repeat clique            
Just what it says on the tin :)

PETZ INSTEAD clique            
I'm so guilty of all of this. Pretty sure the adulting covers all of it, but I've added more specific ones too :)

Petz procrastination clique            
Yeeeeeeeah Petz is a pretty good way to waste a few minutes hours days

I'm an Introvert Clique            
If you prefer to spend time alone or just simply find social situations are not your thing, join me in hiding under a blanket at home! Hehe.

Rainy Days Clique            
I adore rainy days. There's something soothing about the patter of the rain on the roof, something peaceful about the gurgle of water through gutters. I can't be the only one who feels this way.

Love is Love Clique            
I looked around for something similar to this, but couldn't find anything, so I made one :3

I Love Cliques Clique            
If you hadn't noticed the flotsam on the bottom of my homepage, or the sheer number of cliques here... well, you know now ;)

I'm a Writer Clique            
For all my kindred spirits out there who are authors, aspiring authors, or just enjoy writing.

I'm an Artist Clique            
I live and breathe creativity. Maybe you do too?

I Love Insanity Clique            
Here's a clique for those of us who relish a little craziness in their lives. Who enjoy the bizzare, who rejoice in being bonkers. Who are, more often than not, known to act nutty, mad, crazy, cuckoo, loopy, deranged, eccentric. I know I do.

Well, go on, lose your mind and put up one of my clique buttons... or all of them if you want to be totally mental :) Have fun my crazies :)