These generators can help if you're struggling with ideas for your next hex. The first four generators will randomly give you plain textures, transparent textures (textures at arguments other than 1), and both texture enabled and non-texturable colours. Generate the number of each of these to use, then generate however many textures or colours you need, and jot them down. Then get hexing using all your random parameters :)

As of Jan 2020, I've added six more generators; one for prompting you with individual body parts and how they look, OB breeds, real life breeds, a hexspiration generator which will randomly give you one of my hexspiration prompts, and a random animal generator (which contains over 2000 mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, molluscs, fish and birds).

If you find this cough javascript shit that took me forever to code while it misbehaved cough generator useful, please let others know about it, I'd be grateful :)

Generate some plain/non-transparent textures to use:

No. of Plain Textures to Use

Plain Textures

Generate some textures to use at arguments other than 1:

No. of Transparent Textures to Use

Transparent Textures

Generate some texturable colours to use:

No. of Colours to Use


Generate some non-texturable colours to use:

No. of Colours to Use

Accent Colours

Decide which original breed (P4) to hex on :

OB Cat Breed

OB Dog Breed

Generate a prompts for how your hexie will look (i.e. long ears, fluffy legs):


Body Parts

Generate a real life cat or dog breed to be inspired by:

Real Life Cat Breeds

Real Life Dog Breeds

Generate some random animals or words for inspiration:

Hexspiration Prompts

Animal Prompts